The Centronex Remote Employee Safety Service (CRESS)

CRESS is a new capability that provides the employee with a simple wearable button that can be used in combination with their smartphone to alert a network of responders with both location and audio when they are in danger.

A press of the tag instantly provides haptic feedback alerting them that someone is aware of their situation and alerts a network of individuals and/or a manned centralized control center.   The alert provides the employee’s location and audio from their cellphone within 200 feet.  Additional features include a dedicated button to dial 911from the application by either the employee or one of the responders.

CRESS can also be used for single employee opening and closings. A press of the button would bring a responder on line to monitor the employee while they open or close the store.  The alert from the employee can only be cancelled by the employee entering a code into the application.

A secondary network capability allows the employee to also use the device when they are not at work to notify family or friends if they are in danger such as walking to the car at the mall or out for a run by themselves.

The Centronex Remote Employee Safety Service is the only service that provides a discreet wearable button that can activate a responder network providing real time information about the employee’s location with audio of the current on going situation while also providing real time feedback to the employee that someone is responding to their situation.