Centronex Retail Intelligence Service (CRIS)

CRIS takes a holistic approach integrating multiple data sources and collection sensors to create an all-source data analysis capability.  Advanced analytic tools are used to exploit data and discover data anomalies to develop investigative leads on retail organized crime or potential physical and financial threats to individual stores and employees.  Additional integrated capabilities and sensors provide employee safety, detailed video analysis, authentication and identification capabilities and remote video capture.

Centronex Collection Management Service (CCMS) allows corporations to shift from reactive to proactive with regard to information needed to make sound business decisions. Data quality is analyzed and recommendations made on how to improve the data process; better data, better analysis, better results.

Centronex employs a highly sophisticated team of computer engineers, full motion video specialists and highly respected all-source analysts with decades of experience in government intelligence with one goal in mind – Resurrecting your dead data®!